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  • 1984 Macintosh System 1.0Credit: Apple Computer, Inc.
  • Apple II Personal Computer Description of one of several Apple computers in the collections of the Smithsonian.
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Apple iPad Smart Case (Pink) - MD456LL/A Color: Pink PC, Personal Computer

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The earliest computers had dimensions of about 8 by 3 by 80 feet and took up about 680 square feet. ARPAnet was so significant because it formed the idea that computers could be used for communication. The world wide web was developed in 1989 and introduced on February 26, 1991. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak are known for their development of the Apple computer. Steve Jobs is still with Apple today, but Steve Wozniak ended his full-time employment with Apple on February 6, 1987. An “easter egg” is an intentional hidden message or feature within any form of media. I think that in the next ten years computers will become far more advanced. I think that computers will eventually utilize holographic technology for screens and keyboards. I think that virtual reality will become more common in computers.

What Apple’s first product? Here is a simple history of the first Apple Computers. Starting with the Apple I Computer. Back in July of 1976, you could purchase this personal computer for a mere $666.66, with available memory of only 4kb. Only 200 units were produced and was quickly discontinued in 1977.


Apple II computer - Old Computers

Wozniak left Apple in 1983 due to a diminishing interest in the day-to-day running of Apple Computers. Jobs then hired PepsiCo's John Sculley to be president. However, this move backfired and after much controversy with Sculley, Jobs left in 1985 and went on to new and bigger things. He founded his own company NeXT Software and he also bought Pixar from George Lucas, which would later become a huge success in computer animation of such movies as , , , and .