• 1984 MacintoshCredit: Apple Computer, Inc.
  • 1984 Macintosh System 1.0Credit: Apple Computer, Inc.
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The first is the Preliminary Confidential Offering Memorandum—a document supporting a private placement of funds for Apple—an enormous milestone in any company’s history. In Apple’s case, the offering was based on their vision of the Apple II computer (1977) and how it would soon be in homes, schools and offices around the world. The second document is about the very first Macintosh computer (1984) and how it fit in with other Apple and competitor’s products. Both of the rare documents are presented here for the first time.

This document is a seminal source of key information about Apple Computer and the competitive landscape it faced during a critical time in the history of the computer. It was the time of rapid fortunes and equally rapid losses, where the legend of the two high school kids tinkering in a garage becoming multimillionaires was yet to come. Yet the seeds of so much of what would take place in the industry and in the world at large are contained here.


Apple Computer at Menlo Park Mall, a Simon Mall - Edison, NJ

Steve W. and Steve J. got some money together and had some printed circuit boards made, then planned to sell the computer as a kit. This is also when they officially formed the "Apple Computer Company" - Jobs used to work in an apple orchard.