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  • This Amp Kit is based on the legendary Fender Tweed Bassman®
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  • Photograph 01: Finished K-502 Tube Amplifier Kit and Enclosure

Boss Audio KIT2 8 Gauge Amplifier Installation Kit with High Performance RCA Interconnect and Speaker Wire

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Specifically, I compared the stock K-12M Tube Amp Kit to a Sony STR-DE585. The bass response of the K-12M was tighter, deeper, and much better defined than that of the Sony. The midrange response of the K-12M is superb and makes the Sony sound sick!. The high frequency response of the K-12M is also better than that of the Sony.

"This was my first tube amp build and it was extremely easy and fun to do. I admit that I don't have enough experience with other amp kits to compare it to, but I cant imagine having a better starting point for tube amps, and the tone controls are a cool plus!" "Just the idea of this is awesome! Drive it with some P-90 dervish, dial to 10, strum chord, lean guitar against cabinet, walk across the room and have lunch while the noise self-perpetuates. Music to my ears!!!!" "Got the kit this week and finished it in about two days. Instructions and diagrams were excellent, would definitely recommend this kit for beginners. Fired up the amp for the first time and it worked perfectly. I am pretty impressed with the sound, has a nice tone and a lot more power than I would have expected."


1/0 + 4 Gauge Dual Amplifier Power Kit (CCA Wiring)

• Complete 4 Gauge 2-Channel Amplifier Installation Kit
• Designed Specifically For Car Audio Systems Up to 1000 Watts RMS
• Premium Power and Ground Wire Provides Optimal Power Transfer
• 30% Copper CCA Wire