• Amope tries to be Pedi-Perfect
Amope Pedi Perfect TV Spot, 'For Beautifully Smooth Skin'


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  • Amope Pedi Perfect TV Spot, 'For Beautifully Smooth Skin'
  • Amope Pedi Perfect TV Spot, 'For Beautifully Smooth Skin'
  • Amope Pedi Perfect TV Spot, 'For Beautifully Smooth Skin'

Amopé Pedi Perfect Foot File - Electronic Pedicure Tool - Regular Coarse, Blue (Also Available in Pink Extra Coarse)


In addition to the packaging shown above, which shows Pedi Perfect with and without diamond crystals, both versions can still be found on Amazon. The Amope website does not distinguish between the two, although it does refer to the roller as “The new, unique roller heads with diamond crystals…” Thus, it would appear that Amope has upgraded its roller head and is merely replacing the original version with this one, without referring to them as different products.

The handheld Amope Pedi Perfect offers consumers an electronic pedicure in the comfort of their own home. It seems to be highly rated with a majority of reviewers awarding it 4 to 5 stars on many websites. Some reviewers who rated the Pedi Perfect unfavorably felt that the motorized roller was lacking in power. There are many possible alternative for at-home callus removal which include other electronic filers as well as very reasonably priced manual options such as a pumice stone or foot file.


Deal or Dud: Amope Pedi Perfect | Fox17

I was very excited to know there was a product on the market that would easily remove the nasty calluses on my heels. In the past I had to use a liquid on my heels that made them sticky, so that they would be easy to remove go with the simple old fashionioned large emory board that we all used over years. Unfortunatulately, the Amope does not
function as it is shown to on TV and on written ads. In reality, it is very slow and needs several sets of batteries to even start to remove the callases on my heels. I DO NOT RECOMMEMD THIS PRODUCT!