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Aluratek AIS01F I-Stream DockFree Bluetooth Audio Receiver with RCA Cables Included - Black


The test photos looked quite nice on this digital photo frame's screen. We asked in-house experts to look at a variety of photos from a variety of sources, including one that was originally a slide, one that was scanned in as a paper print and one smartphone photo. Our reviewers noted Aluratek's colors were a little dimmer than those of other electronic picture frames, but comparable overall. This frame automatically resizes photos and does a respectable job of recreating the colors. One of our expert panelists wrote that the photos were clear and true to color, with no pixelation. There is very little reflection on the screen, and you can see the pictures from lots of different angles.

The Aluratek ADMPF108F lets you share video, audio and photos from your recent or distant past easily. This 8-inch is our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award winner because it's truly simple to set up and use. You can simply plug in a jump drive or camera card and start enjoying your images.


Aluratek Admpf108f Inch Hi Res Digital Photo - Sears

Aluratek's digital photo frames also offer some rather standard viewing and control options, including here slideshow mode, the ability to zoom and rotate, as well as the possibility of using the photo frames as MP3 players, which means that users can browse and listen to favorite MP3 music files, with or without accompanying photos or videos. Furthermore, both frames can be programmed to turn on and off at certain times electronically.