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SABRE Home Series Door/Window Alarm (4 Pack)


Although Fire Alarm Installation Company specializes in fire alarm systems, we also provide other commercial and industrial low voltage system installations and service such as: phone and data, alarm systems, CCTV, area of rescue and others. Contact us for additional information on your low voltage project needs.

Those who truly care about their automobiles have car alarms. We are car alarm specialists. We carry Viper and AutoPage alarm brands. We also take pride in the cleanliness of our alarm installations. For instance, each of your wires will be neatly secured in its ideal position to ensure its longevity. Placement of your LED “Blinky Light,” valet switch, and antenna will be of your preference. In addition, we specialize in remote car starters: to ensure a cozy car when you get to it, two way remotes: so you can see what’s going on with your car before you get back to it, and alarm accessories: to make any alarm custom.


Smoke alarm installation guide Where do I install them

This has both advantages and disadvantages to the fire and security job market. The adoption of IP surveillance technology means that more and more networking principles are used in fire and security alarm installation. This has created a huge demand for security professionals with the necessary IT background. In the past, IT and security job markets were kept separate – IT jobs were largely office based, and security installation was manual work. Since IT has revolutionised how we install fire and security equipment, there is a new job title created for multi-skilled fire and security engineers.