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  • A central air conditioner is either a split-system unit or a packaged unit.

Honeywell HYF023W Comfort Control Tower Fan, Wide Area Cooling, White


American Standard acquired the Trane Company in 1984. They had three businesses but Trane remained the largest supplying air conditioning systems and services. American Standard, which had been around for a century producing quality products, re-launched their air conditioning and heating products in 1988 to a new generation of consumers.

In 2007, they separated their three businesses leaving each to focus on their individual markets. To reflect their business focus, American Standard changed their name to Trane and began providing integrated air conditioning, heating and ventilation services and solutions to consumers.


LG Air Conditioner Units: Stay Cool & Comfortable | LG USA

So those are the basics behind air conditioning. The next time you're riding along in a car and the driver hits the A/C button, you can say, Boy, those evaporator tubes sure are cold. It's all thanks to R-134A!