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  • You’ve got an aftermarket car alarm system in the used car you just bought and you need to know what brand it is. There are a few ways to determine this.
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  • A recent Facebook visitor (see link here) asked if Remotes Unlimited sells complete aftermarket alarm systems for do-it-yourself installation.

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Someone broke into my truck (an F-350 6.0 Diesel, 2004) and tried to steal it. Now the mechanic that is supposed to be fixing it (through an insurance claim) cannot start it because I have an after-market alarm system that was already installed in the truck when I bought it last year. This alarm system consists of an “immobilizer” on my keychain that is needed to start the truck. It appears that this has been damaged though in the attempted theft as it no longer works and continues to prevent my truck from starting. Rather than trying to actually fix it, the mechanic has decided instead to try to follow the wiring to the sensor and simply bypass the alarm to get my truck started. So now I’m left trying to find the manufacturer of this aftermarket alarm system by myself.

The OEM add-on alarm/keyless entry systems have "double-locking" built in to them. However lots of folks would rather use aftermarket alarm systems to save money or because of the added features available with non-OEM systems. The trick is wiring up the aftermarket system to "double-lock" the doors for added security. "Double-locking" is activated by sending a 12v+ pulse to both the lock and unlock wire on car's central locking system simultaneously. It's really simple once you know what to do.


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