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Lightdow LD4000 1080P HD Sports Action Camera Kit - DSP:NT96650 + 1.5" LPS-TFT LCD + Bonus Battery + 170° Wide Angle Lens (Black)

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Despite how it sometimes feels, GoPros are far from the only actioncams on the market. There are dozens of capable devices that each offer different features and abilities. For the purpose of this comparison we've picked nine of our current favorites.

While this is our pick of the current crop of action cameras, it's not to say devices not represented here aren't equally good, or even better for your needs. For example, while we've included the Drift Stealth 2, you might be better served by its bigger brother, the . Or maybe quirky action cameras like the from HTC, or the cute Polaroid Cube might suit you better.


Hunting accessories for the XCEL action cameras

These sensor sizes are around the same as those typically used in smartphones, but much smaller than those in quality cameras. The reason for this is that if much bigger sensors were used, the lenses and the entire actioncam would also need to grow accordingly, and you don't want a DSLR-szed action camera strapped to your helmet.