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Energizer 6 NEW AAAA Batteries

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The little-known AAAA battery can be very useful indeed. It’s very small, and thus can be crammed into tight spaces. It’s nearly as compact as some of the larger lithium coin cells that you might reach for in a small project. However, it can still maintain the high current draw of a big alkaline dry cell, unlike the lithium chemistries. If you have a project where you need to draw 100+mA continuously, but space is tight, AAAA cells are just the thing. Some calculators, MP3 players, and remote controls also use these.

You can charge the battery using our Power or Sony Charger. Originally the chargers was designed and made for AA and AAA Ni-MH batteries. We’ve modified an AAA charging slot that it now accepts and holds reliably an AAAA size battery for charging procedure. Our Universal Charger accepts all sizes of cylindrical type batteries, including AAAA size.


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Ever since the emergence of these batteries in use on the Dell Venue 8 Pro stylus, I’ve been searching for a AAAA rechargeable battery for these ultra-thin form factors.