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Huawei Nexus 6P - 64 GB Silver(U.S. Version: Nin-A12) - Unlocked 5.7-inch Android 6.0 smartphone w/ 4G LTE (U.S. Warranty)


There is plastic here, too: subtle antenna lines on the sides and a tiny rail between the screen and the body. Pay them no mind. More annoying is a plastic panel on the rear bottom of the phone — again for antennas. It doesn't exactly match the color or texture of the aluminum, at least on the graphite model. But it does have a benefit, I'm getting much better wireless performance on the 6P than I ever did with the Nexus 6.

Don't sweat the bulge: it gives the 6P a visual identity and doesn't hurt anything; it doesn't make it feel tippy, either — its weight is evenly distributed. And yes, the phone is big, much bigger than the Nexus 5X. It's nearly the exact same size as the iPhone 6S Plus and noticeably taller than the Note 5 — so I do wish that it were a little bit shorter. Most importantly, it feels just as well built as both of those phones.


If you're going to put your Nexus 6P in a case, make it this case.

O Nexus 6P possui um ecrã cinematográfico WQHD AMOLED de alta resolução e 5,7 polegadas, acompanhado pelos altifalantes na parte da frente e tudo isto num corpo de alumínio.