• ** JPG only. 5D Mark III also does thing in raw.
  • The 5D Mark III has many improvements over the 5D Mark II, any one of which  for the serious user.
  • Here's a 22MP NORMAL JPG direct from my 5D Mark III, made with Canon's cheapest  lens:
  • Air Conditioner Condenser. 5D Mark III, , f/8 at 1/200, ISO 200, default "3" sharpening. .

Canon EOS 5D Mark III 22.3 MP Full Frame CMOS with 1080p Full-HD Video Mode Digital SLR Camera (Body)


The usual applies. The 5D Mark III offers three instant-recall presets C1, C2 and C3, which makes it far better for multi-purpose use than any Nikon other than the (with Nikon, it takes a half-hour to reset everything for one kind of photo or another), but Canon is still showing some of its core incompetency in locking-out some play functions unless you stop what you're doing and and hit PLAY after each shot, and has very poor ability to set manual white balances — big differences you really will see in real photos.

The EOS 5D Mark III features state of the art in-camera RAW processing for quick conversion of RAW files to JPEG with control with control over size, brightness, WB, Picture Style, Auto Lighting Optimizer, Noise reduction, colour space, distortion correction and more. Additionally, the EOS 5D Mark III features expanded Quick Control functions during playback like image protect, image rotate, rating, RAW image processing, resize, highlight alert, AF point and image jump, meaning a streamlined workflow can begin in the field.


Canon EOS 5D Mark III shooting information and menus

Below are crops comparing the Canon 5D Mark III to its predecessor the 5D Mark II, as well as to other recent full-frame DSLRs: the Canon 6D, Nikon D800, Nikon D600 and Sony A99. Though we normally start with ISO 1,600 here, we thought we'd start with the base ISO to show the best each camera can do.