• The 3DR Radio set includes:
  • Add 3DR.L Headlines to My Yahoo!
  • But the good news is that CanadaDrones will have the new 3DR frames in stock early next week! Yeah!
  • A couple tips for new IRIS+ users but also applies to any APM or Pixhawk user using 3DR radios.

3DR Solo Drone Quadcopter


“We are a player, but we are the underdog player,” says 3DR’s Colin Guinn. “How big of a defining moment is it? It is the moment. This is the introduction to the world of 3DR.”

The company is betting Solo will appeal to drone enthusiasts and novices alike — and that it can begin to chip away at the consumer drone market that the Phantom helped create. It is a critical time for 3DR, which has raised $85 million from investors.


3DR Solo - Launch Film - YouTube

Now is it in 4K like the Phantom 3? Well no, not yet. 3DR is focusing on maturing their drones’ ability to get your shot whether you’re alone or with a small crew. But when you’re getting your wings, as it were, isn’t it more important to get the right shot in HD than a stream a glorious crash in 4K? Frankly, I’m excited about this one.