• Basic 3d glasses, retro 1950s look
  • 5) USB upgrading electric shutter 3D glasses development
  • 7) Spectrum separated 3D glasses development
  • 8) Double face hard coating(advice scratch)electric shutter 3D glasses development

Google Cardboard,Topmaxions 3D VR Virtual Reality DIY Glasses For 3D Movies and Games Compatible with Android & Apple Up to 6 Inch Easy Setup Machine

Too low to display

These are two (2) plastic backed polarizing filters 3" x 3", for attaching to any 2 projector system for projecting stereoimages. For projectors with larger, long throw or zoom lenses we offer4" x 4" polarizers, 5" x 5" and 6" x 6". Both these will work with all our linear 3d polarized glasses. These are 45, -45 degree polarizers. These are heavy duty heavy gauge plastic and will not bend.

I'll be back... with these new "terminator" wrap-around style 3Dglasses. These have high style and tell people you are serious about your3D! Limited quantities are available. Unlike our other 3D glassesthese do not fit easily over prescription glasses.


Forget everything you know about traditional 3D glasses

Most people have had the opportunity to go to a movie theater and experience a movie in 3D. It seems more commonplace that 3D versions of movies, such as The Avengers and Avatar, are released alongside the standard version. Anyone who has seen one of these movies knows that in order to see and appreciate the 3D aspects of the films you have to wear 3D glasses.