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Fujifilm 1068620 Superia X-TRA 400 35mm Film - 4x24 exp, (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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You can buy 35mm film anywhere, cheaply, and shoot forever. For hiking trips, you can carry and shoot lots of film but carrying battery power and flash memory for that much shooting in digital would not be tenable. Cheap microdrives and products like the digital wallet have recently helped the storage problem, but the battery one remains. However, the better battery packs are able to do 500 shots which should satisfy those who are not on remote hiking trips. And they can't buy film either.

When traveling through an airport, all and baggage must go through an X-ray machine, including film. X-ray machines affect the film by causing fog to appear on the photographs. Some airport inspectors open film cases to inspect films, which can ruin the used film. To prevent this from happening, photographers should put the 35mm film in a clear plastic bag and ask for a hand inspection. Alternatively, use a to go through the machines. The lined bags are not a guarantee the film will not suffer damage, but they are a helpful alternative.


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When doing film vs. digital comparisons, I prefer to compare like to like, and compare larger formats of film, as shot by most pros, to the DSLRs used by most pros. 35mm film is an amateur format, so I've never bothered to compare.