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PNY 128GB High Speed MicroSDXC Memory Card (P-SDUX128U160G-GE)

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2) I have an SGS5. It came running Android 4. I've been on the samsung bandwagon since I switched from my iPhone 3gs (so, 5 or do yrs). But I really hate the fact that I cannot edit, rename or delete pics or video stored on my sd card or "external storage". I use the quikpic App to view my pics/vid bc of how awesome it was on my previous sgs2 to be able to view AND edit/delete media while viewing it from the app regardless of whether it was stored "internal/external". I had hoped it wouldv been fixed in an update but just updated to 4.4.4 and still having the same prob. So if I take 10 burst pics of my son and want to delete the blurry/poorer pics, instead of swiping btwn multiple similar pics & just hitting delete while looking at the pic I wasn't happy with, I havta quickly memorize the pic title then exit my viewing of th pic & find that title & delete it. That or transfer any pics in question to internal storage. I can delete a pic I'm viewing that way but either way is a huge hassle. I'm rly hoping tht will be fixed somehow w/ the right high quality sd card, perhaps meant for my device & could possibly address this problem. Since samsung makes my pH & now 128GB micro sd cards, can someone tell me if this sd card (or whether any version of samsung or SanDisk micro sd cards will solve this). I'm having trouble finding out about this too. Some Android blogs/forums say it's something that Google is responsible for but I'm not looking to cast blame. I just want it fixed. If samsung sd card does that, then that's what I'll go with.

Sandisk crams 128gb on microsd card: a world first - This week during mobile world congress 2014, sandisk introduced the world's highest capacity microsdxc memory card, weighing a hefty 128 gb. that's a huge leap in storage compared to the 128 mb microsd card launched 10 years ago. "the new sandisk ultra.


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