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Pyle PLPW10D 10-Inch 1000 Watt Dual 4 Ohm Subwoofer

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This square kicker 10 inch subwoofer gives you the latest technology available on the market. It features a stiff cone for less distortion, stitching and ribbed santoprene rubber surround increased durability, and spring loaded terminals. This is one of Kicker's higher-end models so if you can find it on sale you'll save yourself quite a bit of money.

Many people are proponents of larger subwoofers, however, the size itself does not play as much role as you may think. Not that it is not important but most 10 inch subwoofers have enough power to reproduce that pulsating beat. However, it is highly important to pay attention to quality too because a single quality 10 subwoofer can perform better than two poorly selected 12 inch subwoofers. And for that reason it is best to stick to proven brands such as Kicker. If you already owned a Kicker subwoofer before, then you know exactly what I am talking about but if you have not had the chance to hear bass from a Kicker yet, you better prepare yourself because it will blow you away. However, it is necessary to see what are your options because there is a major difference between different models of Kicker 10 inch subwoofers as well.


Blowing up 10 subwoofers with 120 volts! (Part 1)

The 10s subwoofer is a perfect compliment to the KRK Rokits, VXT, or just about any other 4"-8" studio monitor. A must have for any bass heavy productions; the KRK 10s is designed to extend the low-frequency performance of an existing monitor system so that the low frequencies of a mix can be engineered properly.

For years, KRK subwoofers have been the choice for accurate low frequency monitoring in studios large and small. Now, the KRK10s provides a new standard for even better performance and accuracy, raising the bar once again. Whether you are mixing in a 2.1 or 5.1 surround environment or just looking to upgrade the low-frequency extension of your existing monitors, the KRK10s will provide the low frequency detail and accuracy that will help you to create a better mix. The design of the KRK10s includes front-firing ports which are just the right shape to reduce port turbulence. You'll appreciate the clean and accurate bass performance this approach delivers, even at high SPLs. With a sweepable 50Hz - 130Hz low pass filter, the KRK10s provides flexible control for any monitoring system.